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Redmine SAML authentication plugin

This redmine plugin enables SAML authentication using the Onelogin toolkit.

The plugin adds two new routes, for the SAML discovery and consumer actions. The discovery (/auth/saml) initiates the SAML exchange and the consumer (/auth/saml/consumer) recieves the SAML assertion and logs the user in.

NB: Work in progress, but functional, see TODO for where this is heading.


  1. Install required gems

gem install XMLCanonicalizer
gem install ruby-saml
  1. Copy plugin to vendor/plugins

  2. Copy saml_auth.yml.example to config/saml_auth.yml

  3. Configure saml_auth.yml (see below)

  4. Restart webserver/passenger/mongrel_rails


Open saml_auth.yml and set up the plugin, a sample configuration is provided. Restart passenger/mongrel after changes to configuration.

Use the following routes to configure your IdP

  • Login:

  • Consumer:


Patches, fixes or complete rewrites are welcome ;)


  • Enable/disable plugin from config

  • Disable and redirect /login to identity provider

  • Administration screen in Redmine interface

License and copyright

Copyright © 2011 Casper Valdemar Poulsen. License follows Redmine - GNU General Public License v2 (GPL).